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New partner enquiry?

If you would like to know more about becoming a partner please call our Airtime team.

Call our Airtime team on

0330 6780525

Option 2

Existing partners call 0330 06780525 and one of the following options:

Option 1 - EE
Option 2 - O2
Our Dealer Account Managers are on hand to advise on both your Hardware orders & Airtime connections. Speak to our sales team for all pre sales enquiries, discount requests and general knowledge about the network propositions. As well as hardware prices, device features, availability roadmap and management of online orders. Any returns requests will be managed by the hardware team.
Option 1 - EE
Option 2 - O2
Our full service connections team are your engine room processing all your credit vet and connection support tickets. Although you will receive email notifications on ticket status changes, we appreciate you sometimes need to talk things through with the team.
Option 1 - Returns
Option 2 - Hardware Support
Our dealer support specialist is on hand to help you with all your hardware enquiries. If you have any questions about your hardware orders, deliveries and returns, he’s your man. You can also talk through the landline service by choosing option 3.
The credit control team is available to talk to you about your current account balance and explain any questions you may have about commissions owing or payment schedules.

Our commissions team are available to speak for both upfront commission queries including contract length, bolt ons and EE advance payments and rev share queries.Assisting you with rev share claims, EE advance recoveries and existing rev share queries.

*Please ensure a commission query has been raised before speaking to the team regarding the above.


Paul O'Neill

Regional Manager North

Lisa Chapman-Smith

Regional Sales Manager

Abbie Buckland

Regional Manager South